BCSPI Membership

BCSPI membership puts your spending to work for your community

Local governments and other large purchasers spend billions of dollars each year on a wide variety of goods and services. Social procurement is becoming a best practice for purchasers to align their broader policy objectives with their spending to achieve better value for money and for their communities.

BCSPI membership makes social procurement implementation manageable & achievable by adding capacity with shared learning combined with step-by-step coaching, training, templates, and examples to support the heavy lifting involved in implementing these new best practices & procedures.

Membership benefits

  • No limit to staff participation
  • Professional development and training
  • Expert coaching & consultation support
  • Templates, guides, tools & resources
  • Online knowledge hub & webinar library
  • Peer networking & community of practice
  • Supplier engagement tools & templates
  • Impact measurement tools & templates
  • Communications and engagement resources

What Members Are Saying

BCSPI members are mobilizing their spending to create additional social, environmental & ethical value.

By implementing social procurement practices, these local governments and other organizations are ensuring that their existing purchasing is creating community value that contributes directly to the social and economic resiliency of their communities.

BCSPI member journey

social procurement resources

The BCSPI membership journey makes social procurement implementation manageable and achievable. Scaled to an organization’s capacity, each step is supported by expert coaching and consulting from the BCSPI team and complemented by resources, templates and tools. From training, through pilot projects to full implementation and measurement, BCSPI membership saves organizations time and money and makes social procurement implementation easy.

BCSPI principles of membership

BCSPI is a public, community-driven initiative that is governed by a Steering Committee comprised of local government members, with services delivered by contractors. BCSPI is not an independent entity but rather a community project and shared practice.

The BCSPI Membership Principles aim to capture and communicate the spirit and intention of the initiative and outline key collaborative aspects that make this initiative a success.

BCSPI membership fees

BCSPI is made possible through a combination of funding and membership fees. Membership fees are based on community population size for local governments, or annual spend for institutional purchasers.

Local Governments

Local governments include municipalities, regional governments and First Nations governments. The annual membership cost for local governments to join BCSPI is based on population size. First Nations governments can join at no cost.

Local governments interested in joining BCSPI please contact us for more information.

Anchor Institutions & Purchasers

The BCSPI fee structure for institutional purchasers such as post-secondaries, health authorities and school boards is based on annual organizational spend.

Institutional purchasers interested in joining BCSPI, please contact us for more information.

Learn more about the training, tools and templates available to BCSPI members on our resources page

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